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May 1, 1998

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Ripley, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ripley
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Golden Retriever
Home: Batesville, Indiana, USA
   My dog's name is Ripley. He is almost four years old, a light-colored golden retriever. He lives with me at St. Louis Parish in Batesville, IN.

    Ripley is a special dog in the parish, well-beloved by the children who attend St. Louis School and by many other people in our parish. Frequently the children are more interested in whether Ripley will be out in the playground during recess than whether I will be out there! If you see a large group of first and second graders with a dog at the center, it is Ripley, enjoying the pets and scratches of about 15 small hands. He is never happier. Ripley can be seen in the early morning, in front of the priest's residence, bringing in the Cincinnati and Indianapolis papers for me. You can tell in the picture that he enjoys being under the drapes in my office when the air conditioner is running. He is a sympathetic listener and an enthusiastic greeter for visitors to our parish.

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