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Ripley the Golden Retriever Ripley
Golden Retriever
Batesville, Indiana, USA
May 01, 1998

Cosmo the Cat Cosmo
New Jersey, USA
May 02, 1998

Snowball the American Eskimo Snowball
American Eskimo
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
May 03, 1998

Ito the Blue Fronted Amazon Ito
Blue Fronted Amazon
Medford, New Jersey, USA
May 04, 1998

Teal the Border Collie Teal
Border Collie
Wisconsin, USA
May 05, 1998

Bento the Seal Point Himalayan Bento
Seal Point Himalayan
Nova Scotia, Canada
May 06, 1998

Sabrina the Boxer Sabrina
Houston, Texas, USA
May 07, 1998

Zeke the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Zeke
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
May 08, 1998

Emily the Miniature Dachshund Emily
Miniature Dachshund
Skiatook, Oklahoma, USA
May 09, 1998

Sadie the Boxer Sadie
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA
May 10, 1998

Penny the Pony of the Americas Penny
Pony of the Americas
Illinois, USA
May 11, 1998

Harley the German Shepherd, Collie Harley
German Shepherd, Collie
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
May 12, 1998

Kiska the Cat Kiska
May 13, 1998

Bennie the Collie Bennie
Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota, USA
May 14, 1998

Chemie the Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chemie
Chocolate Labrador Retriever
Freeport, Pennsylvania, USA
May 15, 1998

Teddy Bear the Maltese Teddy Bear
St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
May 16, 1998

Alonzo the Cat Alonzo
Indiana, USA
May 17, 1998

Fred the Ferret Fred
Williamsport, Pennsylvania, USA
May 18, 1998

Archibold the Doberman Archibold
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
May 19, 1998

Vladimir the Cat Vladimir
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
May 20, 1998

Saxony the Miniature Long Haired Dachshund Saxony
Miniature Long Haired Dachshund
Pennsylvania, USA
May 21, 1998

DJ the Jack Russell Terrier DJ
Jack Russell Terrier
Plano, Texas, USA
May 22, 1998

Chloe and Annabelle the American Shorthairs Chloe and Annabelle
American Shorthairs
Washington, DC, USA
May 23, 1998

Macho Man the Hedgehog Macho Man
Texas, USA
May 24, 1998

Go the Green Iguana Go
Green Iguana
Tel Aviv, Israel
May 25, 1998

Tykie the Miniature Schauzer Tykie
Miniature Schauzer
Port Charlotte, Florida, USA
May 26, 1998

Toby the Red Tabby Persian Toby
Red Tabby Persian
Pennsylvania, USA
May 27, 1998

Magi the Pomeranian Magi
San Diego, California, USA
May 28, 1998

Spencer the Yellow Labrador Retriever Spencer
Yellow Labrador Retriever
Metuchen, New Jersey, USA
May 29, 1998

Chamonix the Newfoundland Chamonix
Monument, Colorado, USA
May 30, 1998

Betty Boop and Raja the Alaskan Malamute,German Shepherd/Cat Betty Boop and Raja
Alaskan Malamute,German Shepherd/Cat
Tennessee, USA
May 31, 1998

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