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March 18, 1998

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Bailie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bailie
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic Short Hair
Home: Naramata, British Columbia, Canada
   From the first day that we got Bailie, we knew that she was very special. We chose her out of 5 kittens because she had a certain quality that the others didn't have. She wasn't one of the smartest kittens - her favorite pastime was playing in her litter box. But as time passed, she turned out to be very unique.

    Bailie is a true kitten. Whether it be digging in and ultimately eating the plants, or freaking out when she sees her own reflection, she always has that certain innocent and loveable quality that young kittens are famous for. She enjoys walking in the park on her leash, even though most of the time, she tries to walk us. She has brightened up our lives and entertained us for hours on end, asking only in return for a little love and some food now and then. She is vibrant and full of life, always curious and sometimes a little nosy. Whatever you are doing, she has to be involved somehow, be it taking a bath or sweeping the floor.

    Bailie is a friend to all, whether large or small. We are happy to share our home with her.

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