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March 17, 1998

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Corporal, the Pet of the Day
Name: Corporal
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cocker Spaniel
Home: Chesapeake, Ohio, USA
   Corporal is a devoted friend who is very protective. He follows me from room to room and seldom lets me out of his sight. He positions himself between myself and any doorway as if to be ready to defend me from any intruder.

    When he was a puppy, he was stung on his lip by a bee. So one of favorite summer pastimes is to sit on the patio and try to catch bees. He will bite at them till the bee becomes immobile and then stands there barking at the bee, with an occasional swipe of his paw. To my knowledge that first bee sting was his only one, although he has persisted for some 12 years in his practice of trying to catch bees.

    Corporal is also a big ham, and loves to have his photograph taken. For years I have made cards for various occasions with an appropriate photograph of Corporal, and his many friends look forward to receiving the cards.

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