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March 15, 1998

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Freeway, the Pet of the Day
Name: Freeway
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Chow mix
Home: Austin, Texas, USA
   I found "Freeway," (I named her that because that's where I found her), abandoned along Interstate 35 just north of Hillsboro, TX on a very hot August afternoon two and a half years ago. She must have been hit because her right eye was almost closed, and she couldn't use her right front paw. She just limped on that leg with her right paw turned under.

    An old college buddy of mine who is a veterinarian said that had we not picked her up that 100 degree afternoon, she probably would have been dead by that evening.

    Three days later she gave birth to a litter of 6 puppies. I guess she had been abandoned because she was pregnant. All of them were black as coal with silky coats, just like their mother. Four of them were stillborn, and the other two just lived two days. Like I say, she was very dehydrated, dirty and malnourished when I found her.

    The happy ending to this story is that she has recovered completely from her ordeal and has become a loving and loyal companion. Her eye healed completely after it was sewn shut for a week and I applied eye drops to stop the ulceration. She also regained complete use of her right front paw and leg. No more puppies though! She has been spayed. Her favorite activities in no particular order are: chasing cats, chasing squirrels, tormenting a cocker spaniel named "Pookie," going for a walk, sleeping on the sectional sofa, running "figure 8's" in the living room, and disemboweling stuffed toys!

    She's a survivor, and has become a very important part of my life!

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