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March 11, 1998

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Shiela, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sheila
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Old English Sheepdog
Home: Coatesville, Indiana, USA
   Sheila is an AKC Old English Sheepdog. She is small for her breed - weighing in around 55 pounds. She lives in Indiana with her step sister (a calico cat named Spicy). However, they both have adjusted well and would miss each other if they weren't together.

    Old English Sheepdogs are great with kids and have great temperaments. Sheila is 8 years old and still thinks she is a puppy. She was trained well by her human dad knowing that she was going to be a big dog. However, she was easy to train and did not need reminders very often. I would never have another type of dog today. Sure, to keep them looking great - some (well a lot of) grooming is necessary. But she was started early and does not mind bathes but the drying gets old after awhile.

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