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March 7, 1998

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Fergus, the Pet of the Day
Name: Fergus
Age: One year, 3 months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cat
Home: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
   This is Fergus in his usual frenzied state. Fergus is a little over a year old and is a tabby/Persian mix. I picked him up at the vet when I had to have his predecessor, Alex the Cat put to sleep. (Alex's kidneys had given out.) Fergus is single and available, but we think he's probably gay. That's because he's so handsome, charming, clean, and easy to get along with. (He also likes to sing Barbara Streisand songs in the shower!)

    Fergus likes lots of different kinds of food. He generally eats Friskies Chef's Blend and Meow Mix, but he also likes IAMS and other over-priced brands of cat food. Fergus can hear a can opener from several miles away and knows how to tell the difference between Campbell's Soup and Chicken of the Sea. He loves to snack on tuna, but if he eats much more than a spoonful, he'll barf it up on my carpet. He also enjoys a little taste of whatever I'm eating; he especially likes the last few drops of milk in my cereal bowl.

    Fergus spends his days prowling about the house doing his cat chores. These include: napping, snacking, looking out the window, hunting for bugs, napping, meowing, playing in the toilet, napping, grooming, sharpening his claws, and napping. He has a most unusual shoe fetish and likes to sleep on the pillow next to me. Fergus likes to play with a little yellow ball filled with catnip. He also likes feathers. Fergus is a lounge-lizard of sorts: he likes to sit on the piano bench and listen to me play. He loves smooth jazz, but hates the horn section!

    For more photos visit Fergus' page.

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