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March 2, 1998

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Bo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bo
Age: Less than one year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Jackson Chameleon
Home: Florida, USA
   Bo is a Jackson Chameleon, and less than a year old. He resides in sunny Florida which closely resembles his native land of central Africa.

    Bo is a slow moving and not a threat, unless you're a cricket, but can be exciting to watch at mealtime. He strikes bugs with his sticky tongue from distances of more than twice his body length. Bo lives with his mate Janet in a cozy, moist environment they call home. She is slightly larger but lacks the three horns. Both are excellent at hiding among the vegetation, chameleons have the ability to change colors for a variety of reasons. We have a water drip system on their cage because chameleons drink the water off of plants in the wild and when tame they do the same on real and fake plants.

    Bo is a good pet to have if you can't give him a lot of attention. He doesn't like to be handled, most chameleons don't. We buy his food at the pet store, he eats crickets. Bo cannot eat outside bugs because we live in an apartment and they spray bug poison. But he can go outside.

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