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Sandy the Golden Retriever/Rottweiler Sandy
Golden Retriever/Rottweiler
Maryland, USA
March 01, 1998

Bo the Jackson Chameleon Bo
Jackson Chameleon
Florida, USA
March 02, 1998

Molly the Golden Retriever Molly
Golden Retriever
Tokyo, Japan
March 03, 1998

Ziggy the Siamese Ziggy
Sao Paulo, Brazil
March 04, 1998

Gordon the Black Miniature Schnauzer Gordon
Black Miniature Schnauzer
Sharpsburg, Maryland, USA
March 05, 1998

Basil the Boxer Basil
Adelaide, Australia
March 06, 1998

Fergus the Cat Fergus
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
March 07, 1998

BabyKat the Cat BabyKat
Arizona, USA
March 08, 1998

Squiggly the Mexican Pig Squiggly
Mexican Pig
Terra Cotta, Ontario, Canada
March 09, 1998

Annsa the Ragdoll Annsa
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
March 10, 1998

Sheila the Old English Sheepdog Sheila
Old English Sheepdog
Coatesville, Indiana, USA
March 11, 1998

Irma the Cocker Spaniel Irma
Cocker Spaniel
Serres, Greece
March 12, 1998

Misti the Keeshond Misti
Massachusetts, USA
March 13, 1998

Apolo the Russian Blue Apolo
Russian Blue
March 14, 1998

Freeway the Chow Freeway
Austin, Texas, USA
March 15, 1998

Flee the Green Iguana Flee
Green Iguana
Austin, Texas, USA
March 16, 1998

Corporal the Cocker Spaniel Corporal
Cocker Spaniel
Chesapeake, Ohio, USA
March 17, 1998

Bailie the Cat Bailie
Naramata, British Columbia, Canada
March 18, 1998

Shvedi the Shepherd Shvedi
Jerusalem, Israel
March 19, 1998

Bailey, Humphrey, Boswell the White West Highland Terriers Bailey, Humphrey, Boswell
White West Highland Terriers
Middle Haddam, Connecticut, USA
March 20, 1998

Patches the Cat Patches
Toronto, Canada
March 21, 1998

Chris the Border Collie Chris
Border Collie
Hope, Minnesota, USA
March 22, 1998

Chester the Squirrel Chester
Burlington, North Carolina, USA
March 23, 1998

Bronson the Dog Bronson
California, USA
March 24, 1998

Flora the Cat Flora
Livonia, Michigan, USA
March 25, 1998

Sadie the Chocolate Labrador Retriever Sadie
Chocolate Labrador Retriever
Colorado, USA
March 26, 1998

Rudi Blues the Russian Blue Rudi Blues
Russian Blue
Centerville, Ohio, USA
March 27, 1998

Muffy the French Lop Rabbit Muffy
French Lop Rabbit
Seekonk, Massachusetts, USA
March 28, 1998

Shadow the Dalmatian Shadow
British Columbia, Canada
March 29, 1998

Fuzz and Icky the Ferrets Fuzz and Icky
Athens, Ohio, USA
March 30, 1998

Kali the Boxer Kali
California, USA
March 31, 1998

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