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June 30, 1998

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Happytalk, the Pet of the Day
Name: Happytalk
Age: Thirteen and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Dalmatian
Home: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
   Happytalk is a Dalmatian - this picture is a few years old. She is 13.5 years old and is starting to lose her hearing and getting a little stiff in her joints. She is the most loving and faithful dog I have ever had and people always comment on her "kind expression." She lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with her adopted sister Spotter who was the Pet of the Day back in November of last year.

    Happy suits her name to a T! Her little tail never stops wagging - as a matter of fact, that's why it is docked. When she was very young she split it open because she wagged it so hard and hit it against a wall. We couldn't get it to heal because she kept re-injuring it so the vet said it had to be removed or it would become infected.

    One of Happy's favorite activities is eating ice cubes in the summer time. She goes after them like they were chunks of filet mignon! She is also fond of carrots and has been know to dig her own out of the garden from time to time. Happy also loves to drink out of the hose and lets me know when she is thirsty by going to the water tap at the back of the house and "pointing."

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