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June 27, 1998

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Sunbun, Daisy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sunbun, Daisy
Age: Eight, Three years old
Gender: Females
Kind: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Home: Milton, Kentucky, USA
   These are pictures of my dogs. They are Pembroke Welsh Corgi's. Their names are Sunbun and Daisy Donut. Sunbun is eight years old and Daisy Donut 3 years old but Daisy Donuts picture is from two years ago. They live in Kentucky. They are really good dogs.

    Sunny sits, shakes, high-fives, and jumps through a hoop. Daisy dances and sits. What is so special about my pets? When Sunbun was 2 years old we lived in a house that had a fireplace. One evening while we were in another part of the house a burning log rolled out of the fireplace near the carpet. Sunbun came running into the part of the house where we were. She was barking her little head off. We followed her into the living room where we saw the burning log about to catch the carpet on fire. She saved our lives that night.

    Daisy has brightened our lives. She is very loving. Daisy gets along wonderfully with Sunny. Sunbun is now eight years old and weighs 25 pounds and she is 10 inches tall. Daisy is now three years old and weighs 20 pounds and is 10 inches tall. They love to play the herding game where they chase me and try to herd me in their direction.


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