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June 25, 1998

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Summer, the Pet of the Day
Name: Summer
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Shetland Sheepdog
Home: Virginia, USA
   We rescued Summie through Sheltie Rescue (Virginia Beach, VA). Her family gave her up when she was nine months old. They accidentally broke her leg when she was a puppy and did not have it fixed. As she grew, there was a widening gap in her bone, which caused her an immense amount of pain and she limped all the time. The Rescue was going to be forced to amputate her leg. They could not afford the necessary reconstructive surgery to fix her leg, and eventually the pain would become unbearable for her.

    In spite of all this pain, she always had a wonderful disposition, was very loving, and tried to run and play. A month after I adopted her, a veterinary surgeon rebuilt her leg with new bone, plates and screws. Throughout her 12-week recovery in a cage (she was not allowed to walk on her leg), she was patient, loving and seemed to know this was helping her. I had to take her swimming every day for 8 weeks to rebuild the strength in her leg. She was a real trooper and swam like a fish for 20 minutes a day, even though Shelties do not really like water!!

    She is now recovered. She still limps slightly and will always have arthritis. We hope she is not in pain, but if she is, we would never know it, because nothing stops her from being a dog!! She runs, jumps and plays non-stop with my other two shelties.

    She is special because in spite of everything she went through as a puppy with this injury, she remained sweet, loving and "just takes everything in stride." As we celebrate her second birthday in June, we feel fortunate to have adopted such a sweet dog and hope to have her in our family for a long time!

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