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June 16, 1998

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Misha, the Pet of the Day
Name: Misha
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Malamute/Collie/X
Home: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
   Misha was born of a litter of seven pups and was the only one who inherited all three colors of her parents. Misha is a very intelligent dog, and very loyal and dear to me. She is also a very active dog and enjoys playing frisbee and soccer and is getting pretty good at basketball, now if I can only teach her to throw the ball in the hoop, I think I may have "Air Bud II." Misha is as smart as she is beautiful.

    I was talking to a man from an Indian reservation and he was trying to sell these puppies. I looked at the litter of puppies, but few were in good health. I was not really interested in purchasing a dog at the time, and soon left, not being impressed by the puppies. Later that night, I could not stop thinking of the poor pups, so the next day I went to look at them again to see if there was anything I could do, (being a sales rep for a local pet food company). But the guy was more interested in money. The first time I went I had not seen Misha, as she was separated from her litter mates because she was the girlfriend's favorite and was kept indoors.

    I was still leery about these puppies, as I could not afford a puppy with serious eye problems that would require high veterinary fees (most of her litter mates had eye problems). Then the guy's girlfriend came out with Misha, the first born of the litter and only one with all three colors. It was love at first site.

    I refused to pay money for her, instead I gave the guy 100 lbs. of premium dry puppy food and dog food and 40 lbs. of dry cat food as he had approximately 12 dogs (not including puppies) and 23 cats all running free on the reservation, unfortunately the SPCA could not intervene as they have no jurisdiction on the reservation unless there is serious animal abuse.

    I also gave the guy coupons for 50% discount on food for the rest of the puppies' new owners in order to keep track of Misha's siblings, unfortunately I never heard from anybody and none of my messages were ever returned. So I have no idea what became of her litter mates.

    I honestly never thought Misha would grow up to be so smart and beautiful.

    For more info visit Misha's website.

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