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June 14, 1998

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Monkey McBouBou, the Pet of the Day
Name: Monkey McBouBou
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Burmese cross
Home: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
   Our little Monkey is a miracle to us. We came very close to losing her forever and have come to realize now, more than ever before, how truly special she is.

    Recently we took a holiday to the other end of the country and had to leave Monkey at a friend's for cat sitting. It was an awkward time to take a holiday - Monkey had slipped into her first heat ever and was in need of her second set of booster shots. Her vet appointment to be spayed was scheduled for the day after our return home and we were looking forward to finally letting her out of the house without fear of unwanted pregnancy.

    Two days into our vacation, however, we received a distraught phone call from our friend, informing us that little Monkey had been spooked during the night and had leapt off the second floor balcony. After repeated days of searching and calling, our friend was unable to glean even so much of a glimpse of our seemingly vanished cat. The regret and apology was heavy in our friend's voice as she called again every day after that to say there was no news yet. Needless to say, all thoughts of a carefree holiday had long disappeared from our minds.

    Upon returning home, our poor, guilt-ridden friend spent many long hours with us searching her neighborhood calling to Monkey and postering every available telephone pole and billboard with her picture, all to no avail.

    Days turned into weeks and then a month had gone by as we placed ads in papers and thoroughly harassed the S.P.C.A. with hopeful queries about our lost Monkey. I hate to admit it but at this point, after a full month of disappointments and ever-deepening worry for her welfare, we had pretty much given up all hope. Her absence was especially missed at night when, with only one cat out of two in the house, someone's feet were always going cold at night.

    Until... last week a phone call came in from an address clear across town, the complete opposite direction from our home. Someone had noticed a thin, whiny cat hanging around the neighborhood and had the presence of mind to check her name tag. This levelheaded person realized that the Monkey's address was exceptionally far from where she was spotted. A few phone calls later, we were gleefully re-united with our beloved Monkey.

    Monkey has only been home a few days now and, as far as we can tell is not pregnant and doesn't have a scratch on her little body, though she is woefully thin. She will be visiting the vet very shortly and we are hoping to receive a clean bill of health.

    All in all this has been a harrowing experiencing for all concerned. With Monkey's return, however, the completeness of our household has been re-established and no-one has to sleep with cold feet.

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