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June 11, 1998

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Arctic Zephyr, the Pet of the Day
Name: Arctic Zephyr
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Samoyed
Home: Red Lion, Pennsylvania, USA
   To meet Zephy is to love her. She is a big (about 70 lbs), inquisitive, intelligent, sometimes mischievous, but always loveable, furry marshmallow! What makes Zephy so special is hard to put into words - she just is!! It's the way she looks at me with those big brown eyes & that "Sammy" smile, how excited she gets when I get home & the way she pouts when she doesn't get her way! She is always ready to play - even if you're not! Zephy loves going for walks, riding in the truck & shopping at the local pet store. When it's time to check out she sits & waits quietly for me to pay the bill with out having to hold her leash.

    Zephy doesn't care what we're doing... as long as she is included - which she usually is! She stays by my side whether I'm working on the computer, cooking in the kitchen or working in the yard. When the leaf pile is big enough she is the first to jump in! She likes to "help" wash the trucks and motorcycles, and has even figured out how to get a drink from the hose by herself! At Christmas we go to the Mall to see Santa and Zephy opens her own presents (she'll gladly help us too if we ask!).

    Grooming Zephy is a major project that takes place at least once a month. Sometimes it takes hours, but she'll stay up on her grooming table until we're done. Tell Zephy it's time for bed & she heads straight to her kennel. Most people that meet Zephy can't believe how "well trained" she is. I'm not sure if I trained her or she trained me!! We have not had a lot of "formal training," but consistency, discipline (it's amazing what a stern look and the word no will do!) and a lot of love and attention have made us what we are today...a well-behaved dog & owner!

    An animal's love is so unconditional - they will be loyal and love you throughout their life no matter what and all they ask for in return is a little of your time and attention (and don't forget the food, water and an occasional treat!) Zephy is a good girl and a special friend with a heart of gold. She lifts my spirits when I'm down and is great company! She is not just my pet but a very special part of my life, as all animals should be!

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