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June 8, 1998

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Taz, the Pet of the Day
Name: Taz
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Raccoon
Home: Duschene, Utah, USA
   I am Taz, living the high life with 2 human parents and my dog Molly. I am a very good raccoon and am just part of the family. I live with two little poodle dogs and my dog, Molly, who is a border collie. I love all dogs and will play till I fall down, my human mom's kids who are grown bring their dog over for me to play with too.

    My birthday was May 1st and I turned one, I am happy and healthy and see a vet twice a year for bi-annual check-ups. I think life is a big fun adventure. I have my own bedroom and bathroom and otherwise spend all day playing throughout the house like any other pet. I watch ball games with dad and follow mom around and help clean house. I am well mannered and potty trained of course. I seldom ruin anything as I don't need to, as I have anything I want being a spoiled brat!

    Taz came to live with a human mom and dad at two days old. He was orphaned in a farm accident. He was warmed and fed with an eye dropper at first and just prospered from there. He eats just about everything except citrus. He loves Apple Jacks and Froot Loops and gives kisses for a marshmallow. He's sweet and cuddly most of the time but between eating and sleeping he is wrestling with his dog Molly and watching TV.

    He's a good pet and makes us laugh at all his antics. He washes dishes until the bubbles are gone and loves to help Mom around the house, he's a good one to clean out a closet for you. He is basically the same as a big fat fluffy kitty, he just has a striped tail and a mask. Anyone would love Taz.

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