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June 2, 1998

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Wing Ling, the Pet of the Day
Name: Wing Ling
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Pekingese
Home: Anchorage, Alaska, USA
   What makes Wing Ling special, besides being a very loving pet in our family, is that she loves to go riding with me on the back seat of my Gold Wing motorcycle. She has accumulated approximately 15,000 miles, in the last two years, of back seat riding all over the State of Alaska and enjoys every trip. Short trips or ones that includes several days of camping in the Alaskan wilderness seem to make her very happy (lots of new smells and things to investigate). All she needs to hear is "Lets go ride" and she is at the side of the motorcycle, eager to be hooked up to the back seat.

    Often while riding the highways, people in vehicles that pass us will wave (especially kids), honk, give us a thumbs up, holler "That's cool," take her picture and sometimes use a video camera to record us. When we stop at rest areas or parking lots and there are people around they usually come over to see and pet her, she loves every minute of it. She is a wonderful companion to have along on my excursions. She receives lots of petting and her picture is taken frequently by both children and adults who can't resist coming over to meet her. She graciously returns all affection shown to her.

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