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July 31, 1998

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Hollywood, the Pet of the Day
Name: Hollywood
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Dachshund
Home: West Los Angeles, California, USA
   Hollywood is a black & tan Dachshund and he was two years old on June 25, 1998. Even though his name may be famous, it's his big heart that makes everyone love him! Hollywood plays out in our front yard in West Los Angeles every day -- he loves a good game of catch with the tennis ball. Everyone on our block knows him by name, he is more popular than anyone we have ever met! He is friends with all the dogs in the neighborhood, and he is especially loved by all our neighbors! He is so social, that he attracts people all the time from the market across the street from where we live. Hollywood will be friends with almost anyone who is willing to rub his tummy!! Hollywood is the most loyal dog, he does fun tricks and is well-trained, but he hates rainy days and cold weather -- he is a true LA dog!

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