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July 29, 1998

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Pumpkin, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pumpkin
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Persian
Home: Warwick, New York, USA
   This is Pumpkin (we call him Pumper Doodley-Do!, I don't know why) and he is the best cat in the whole world. Pumpkin came to us from a broken home (divorce) and is a real scaredy cat! Anything startles him, even a little tiny fold or crease in the blankets of our bed. Sometimes it takes him 15 minutes to make his way from the foot of the bed to the top, just because of all the creases in the sheets that he is scared to step on. As you can see, Pumpkin spends most of his time sleeping, quite often directly on top of the clicker! He loves to lay on any papers on the floor and he also loves to snuggle up on my husbands lap.

    About a year ago we adopted a kitten from the shelter (Abigail) and Pumpkin was very upset about it for weeks. However, he got over it and now they love each other, and they wrestle and play and run around the house all the time. Abby can be a little rough, but Pumpkin is still the boss. Persians are so friendly and I recommend them for anyone who is looking for an affectionate cat. It's almost time for Pumpkin's summer haircut, it gets very hot here in the summer, so Pumpkin gets shaved from head to toe. Some people think it's mean to do it, but Pumpkin is so happy because he is so much cooler (he looks like a little rat though!)

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