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July 27, 1998

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Bummy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bummy
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Abyssinian, Guinea Pig
Home: Tokyo, Japan
   Bummy is a special pig because is my water pig. Bummy loves his water, and he always has a wet nose because he drips his water on his nose. He can be heard tapping away for hours. Bummy is my restless pig. He doesn't want to sit in his jacket, he wants to run around. He likes to run and try to eat anything and everything, including people's slippers. Bummy has gone into the living room a couple of times on his own, and I think he likes the rug.

    On October 1, 1995, I went to the pet store. I was going to buy two guineas, and I had already picked one out. There were two boys left and I had to pick one. A golden sort of one, and my Bummy. I picked my beautiful little Bummy pig. That day, I sat on the bus going home with this little box. Inside were my two piggies. I looked through a hole saw them hunched up in a corner. When I got home, Bummy came out and sat under his bottle. Dear pig started from the very first day. Just recently, in the morning, I was getting some new pellets for my Bummy. It had a seal lid where you have to pull it and I broke the little puller off. I had to go, but my mom said she'd give the pellets to Bummy. I was walking out the door and I looked back. My mom was prying the lid off, and Bummy was standing there with his feet on his pellet pot wildly waving his nose in the air. He always makes sure he gets dinner at 4:45, and always goes and nearly falls out every night when he wants a piece of apple.

    My Bummy is a wonderful piggie. He isn't shy, and he is wonderful. Bummy sticks his little foot out, and when I try to clip his nails, he tries to bite mine too. He sometimes tries to eat the scissors. My Bummy pig is a charming little pig. He is so cute and wonderful and a lovely little furry pig.

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