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July 23, 1998

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Becca, the Pet of the Day
Name: Becca
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Whippet
Home: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
   I'm nominating my best friend, Becca. She is the light of my life. She has done extremely well in various breed competitions, but best of all, she's the greatest pet in the world. She's as close to being human as possible I think, and understands more words than any dog I've ever known. For those who have come to know her, the comment that I hear so often is "She has so much heart!" That she does... And I'm blessed to have her.

    Becca loves to play flyball (in general a four dog relay race with jumps and a box the dog triggers to retrieve a tennis ball, taking the ball with them back down the jumps), and loves to chase the (fake) bunny at whippet race meets. By the way, whippet race meets are similar to a dog show mindset-wise, as whippets do not run for money (as do the greyhounds) but for trophies, championships, and the sheer fun of it. She loves going anywhere with me, be it the local pet supply store or visiting friends. Becca sits, shakes, speaks, and plays dead. She tries to understand every word I say to her, watching and listening intently, very often with a way too cute head tilt. She loves to play with her little sister (my other whippet, who is a full sister to her but three years younger) and Becca loves to hate squirrels.- LOL She also has tons of "human" friends. She plays with my cat off and on, but I watch to make sure she doesn't get too rough. Her favorite, #1 activity, is definitely running!

    Whippets are pretty much a couch potato in the house... by the way, she often watches TV when an animal is on the tube. They do have their energy spurts now and then. Because of being an athletic running breed, they do need plenty of exercise and a fenced in area for their favorite activity, running, and to stretch their legs. (Since whippets are sighthounds and love to give chase, they should only be turned loose in an area where it is impossible for them to get hit by a car.) Active?? Not when they're lounging around the house. When they get to exercise, yes. Also, when you take these lovable couch potatoes to a race meet, they become "active dog of the World!" A race meet is one exciting time for them, once they've had a taste of it. Then back home to crash on the bed. Now, probably like most other breeds, puppies are usually another story. I guess they do take lots of naps too though. :-)

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