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July 21, 1998

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Murphy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Murphy
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Bombay
Home: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
   This is our beloved Murphy, one of three cats in our home in Nashville, Tennessee. She is, however, queen of the castle, but she generously shares her home with me and my husband and two other female cats, Molly and Dixie. Murphy is an nine-year-old, female, Bombay. Her beautiful green eyes are considered a flaw in this breed, but don't let Murphy hear you say that!

    Murphy's current life of leisure has helped her to forget her former life on the streets before she showed up on our doorstep and purred until we let her in. All of our cats are strictly indoors, but they often plead in exaggerated anguish that they need to be outside. Last year Murphy slipped out the door without our knowledge and spent the night in a tree, trying to escape our resident squirrels and the neighbor's dog. That day she became an instant lap kitty, something I have been trying to accomplish for eight years. She now reads the morning newspaper with me, from her comfortable spot on my chest. I guess that's not exactly a "lap" kitty, but close enough for me.

    Murphy is definitely pampered, but she gives back much more love than she takes. Murphy is especially in tune to my feelings; when I am upset or crying, she gets in my face and comforts me. So when she gets upset by the thunder, I sometimes sit with her in the dark closet until it's safe to come out.

    Her favorite food, besides tuna -- to which she is allergic, is watermelon.

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