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July 17, 1998

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Casey, the Pet of the Day
Name: Casey
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Labrador Retriever
Home: Pennsylvania, USA
   Casey is two years old today. Casey is a yellow Labrador who came into our lives as our chocolate Lab Maggie of twelve years was failing. In September of 1996 we purchased Casey and one month later we had to put Maggie to rest. We said we would never buy a dog from a pet store but one evening when we were all a little low and thinking about Maggie's inevitable future we came across Casey and her brothers and sisters at the pet store. We had seen many litters of labs and others at the pet store but there was something special about Casey. We left the pet store and ended up going back the next evening to pick her up.

    Casey lives in rural Pennsylvania. Her family includes her human mom and dad, brother, sister, and a black lab named Herbert. Casey has become the center of our family's attention. Casey is special because she loves us all and is a wonderful companion. Since Casey has come into our lives I no longer need an alarm clock. Every morning at 5:30 a.m. Casey wakes me up with a slurp! Then she races to the kitchen door to be taken outside.

    At least once a day at our house her name can be heard by someone screaming "Casey!!!" But still we love her more than anyone could imagine because she can also be very sweet. She loves to be scratched on her ears and belly. If she decides she wants to be petted, she will come to you and jam her nose into your hand or arm. She is always happy to see each member of the family as we come home from our day at work and school. She will bark very encouragingly at you when you come to our home if you do not pet her. She does not understand that there are actually some people in this world that do not like dogs, and especially her!

    One of Casey's favorite pastimes is stalking bunnies. She points beautifully and stands straight with her tail out. She barely moves and walks inch by inch until the bunny hops away. Then she goes about her business -- not a care in the world.

    Casey hasn't won any awards and is not a champion, but she is champion to our family and we love her very much!

    Visit Casey's own website.

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