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July 1, 1998

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Robert, the Pet of the Day
Name: Robert
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cat
Home: Elmira, New York, USA
   This is a photo of Robert Cat known as just Bob to his intimates and everyone else. He is a one year old male of probably mixed breed, his background is a question mark. We live in upstate New York within the United States.

    Bob and his, not biological, sister Piper were a Christmas gift from my parents. After searching far and wide for kittens in December (any size, age and breed) and scouring the local SPCA's with no luck my mother and sister found the two of them in a slightly shady local pet store. The five kittens at the store had been transported into the state in a dirty banana box and were filthy. Unable to take them all home they picked out the two that would become mine. The salesman at the store tried to get my mother to pay extra for Bob saying that he was rare because he was missing part of his tail! After numerous vet trips (and bills) and some surprises (Bob was so filthy he appeared to be a little black kitten while he is really a very handsome tiger) and a year passing they are now happy, healthy and slightly neurotic!

    My two wacky cats enjoying sprinting the length of the house, only occasionally running into things (walls, dogs, legs, ect.) and catching bugs (both real and imaginary!). Bob's favorite game involves a motorized gun that shoots styrofoam disks that he snags out of the air or while they run along the ground. At the slightest purr of the gun's motor Bob comes running. It's a great way to find him or get him out from the nooks and crannies of the house! He does occasionally make mistakes and has been seen sprinting towards small motorized fans!

    Robert a.k.a. Bob is a great cat. He and his sister are special to me for more than the fact that they were gifts from my parents, they are wonderful company and have such wacky and (slightly) neurotic personalities that you just have to love them... and I do.

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