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January 31, 1998

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Cleo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cleo
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Ragdoll Cat
Home: Chandler, Arizona, USA
   I've been owned by Cleo since he was 8 weeks old. Cleo is 8 1/2 yrs old now, and weighs about 22 lbs. He is a seal point ragdoll. His intelligence still intrigues me after all these years. Originally his name was Cleopatra, my daughter thought he was a girl :)... she was very teary when we found out he wasn't. Cleo is a most sensitive, loving cat. Cleo fathered about 22 kittens and is an excellent parent. Today he is retired from breeding. He will be nine years old this February. He has four new cat ladies in his life... and he seems to enjoy them a lot. We are all very proud of Cleo :) Cleo is charming, loving, an excellent parent, and he firmly believes everyone likes him too. He has been able to convert even the toughest cat opponent. His blue eyes look right into your heart. He is my "Gentle Giant" and I love him.

   I have written a story about Cleo and his love for Rusty that was recently published in author John Guevin's book "More Uncommon Cats." The book describes Cleo's love for Rusty, a long tailed, tortoise colored manx, her unfortunate death, his grief and recovery. He still cries every October around the time that Rusty died.

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