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January 26,1998

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Sneaker,the Pet of the Day
Name: Sneaker
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Chinchilla
Home: Ontario,Canada
   Sneaker is special to me because he's always been the most bonded to me of all my chinchillas - he also rode home in my coat when I went to get him in fact :) I had 2 other chinchillas at the time. When I saw him I fell in love with him but I had to wait a couple of weeks to bring him home as he wasn't weaned yet. I didn't tell my boyfriend about it until I think the day before I brought him home as I was worried about his reaction. He said that since I was sneaky in getting another pet that I should call him 'Sneaker'... so I did :) He was my 3rd chinchilla and since then I have gotten a fourth. They are sooo cute I can't resist :)

    He's got a very cute look and a wonderful personality - cuddly too :) Chinchillas in general have a very soft coat but they need regular dust baths to keep it clean. He is what you'd call a silver mosaic in colour - white with grey hairs evenly dispersed within the white - one parent white and one parent standard grey. I think chinchillas are very entertaining as pets as it's fun to watch their antics running about the cage - they generally require a multilevel cage or something with shelves they can hop up to. If you want them to run loose a very safe place is usually the bathroom as in general there are no wires as hazards or less things they can chew on due to tile floor. He definitely loves his raisins (as practically all chinchillas do),he likes running on his wheel,and he likes to be 'babied' by me.

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