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January 23, 1998

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Sammie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sammie
Age: Three and 3/4 years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Schnauzer-Pomeranian mix
Home: Waterford, New York, USA
   Woof, Woof! I'm a "Schnauzeranian" and proud of it! My mom is a Schnauzer, and my Dad is a Pomeranian. They live next door and I visit them a lot. I have Mom's furry nose, Dad's color and soft fur, but with my "stick-em' up" ears, well, I sort of look like a Welsh Corgi. Sort of. When you put me all together, I come out looking like version of a Westie. Sort of.

    Well, you can judge for yourself! Here are a few adorable pictures to help you decide and, of course, swoon over. No, I'm not for sale, but thank you for wondering!

    I've been Joyce's buddy since I've been six weeks old, and I can tell you that I never leave her side, if I can help it. Best of all, I failed obedience school big time. However, with a little love and encouragement (read: "treat" or "good boy!"), I do respond very well. Just because I didn't make the grade in school doesn't mean I'm not smart. To the contrary, I'm very bright. Not only do I know all my stuffed toys by name and can fetch them when asked, not only do I respond to all my aliases (of which I have many), but most importantly, I've got Joyce trained so well that she nearly always does my bidding. Because I'm a real angel in so many ways, she truly loves doting on me.

    Visit Sammie's website and his picture page.

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