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January 21, 1998

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Jester & Misty, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jester, Misty
Age: Both four months old
Gender: Males
Kind: Cats
Home: Littleton, Massachusetts, USA
   Jester & Misty are special because we adopted them from a animal shelter the same day they were taken from their original homes on December 27. They are four months old and their owners couldn't afford to keep them.

    They both like to lie next to the heating vents when they sleep. They love the computer room too. They are brothers so they always stick together. They are very hyper-active when it's playtime.

    Jester is pretty playful. He likes to sneak up on Misty and pounce on him. They run around the house chasing each other and meow when they can't see each other. They basically run our lives now. Whenever we have free time we go around the house looking for them. Even though we have only had them for about 5 days they have gotten into a lot of mischief. Like the time Jester got stuck behind the washing machine or when Misty got a little too curious about the toilet and fell in. So even though they get into trouble sometimes they are calm most of the time and usually just roam around the house.

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