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January 15, 1998

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Booker T, the Pet of the Day
Name: Booker T
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Boxer
Home: Hayward, California, USA
   Booker T is an AKC Champion. He has been top ranked with multiple Best of Breeds and Group Placements. He has won Best In Show in the SKC. He has sired many nice litters and is about to finish his first AKC Champion. But none of this makes him a good pet. Actually, you would think a dog would be more on the aggressive side for the show schedule he keeps. But no!! This boy is the sweetest thing you have ever seen. He is my constant shadow and companion. Will never leave my side. Loves to make new friends. Any kind of dog, human, cat, whatever. He has a temperament that cannot be beat. I take him to a big Bench Show in San Francisco once a year. His whole job for 8 hours is let people come up and pet him. He loves it. He loves babies and small children, though I have none. He lays with his head in my lap whenever I sit down. When I get happy, he is happy. When I am depressed, he is quiet and sweet.

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