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January 9, 1998

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Kaley, the Pet of the Day
Name: Kaley
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Dalmatian
Home: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
   Kaley can be a very attentive Dalmatian. One of her favorite phrases is "Go for..." especially "Go for a drive." Or "Go for a walk." When she hears these words she will cock her head to the side. The faster you say it, she cocks her head even further. She is active in obedience and flyball. She recently obtained her first leg in Novice Trials. She has even met previous Pets of the Day, Riley and Oreo at an annual Dal Picnic.

    Kaley is a very petite Dalmatian for her age. Everyone who meets her asks how much bigger this puppy will get before is full grown. They are amazed to find out that she is already full grown. She used to love kids, especially the ones she met on her walks. She recently acquired one of her own and she has changed her opinion of them. "I wish he would leave me alone." Lately she has been starting to mellow a little when she found out "Hey, he'll throw my ball if I get it for him."

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