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January 3, 1998

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Milo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Milo
Age: Four and a half months
Gender: Female
Kind: Shizu-Chihuahua cross
Home: Sydney, Australia
   Looking at her coat, I just knew I would call her Milo (yes, Milo as in Milo & Otis!). She is a cheeky little one who loves to nibble your toes and is very contented to spend hours sitting by the window sun-bathing.

    I have not sent her to obedience school yet but thankfully can answer to her name, 'paw' when asked and occasionally 'fetch' things (although she refuses to give the toy back after retrieving it!). Other than that, she's just one heck of an eating machine!

    The only words that come to mind everytime I see her is- 'She's gorgeous and I love her to bits!'

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