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February 25, 1998

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Raven, the Pet of the Day
Name: Raven
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cat
Home: Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
   It was a dark and stormy night and there on the front porch, crying and mewling was a very small, very thin, cat. Despite all our efforts, she would not come inside, so we gave her a cat carrier and food to keep her through the night. The following morning, she trailed my housemates to their office two blocks away. She was coaxed inside and named in honor of the female lead character of the video game they were producing. Raven is the hero of the game, and helps you defeat the "Perfect One." So too was this Raven a helper, from all sorts of office duties to the hamsters and mice -- she felt it was her duty to watch over them, spending countless hours on top of their cage.

    When the office was moved to a building that did not welcome mascots of the four legged kind, Raven came home to live with my husband and me and our 10-year-old tabby, Alley. Raven has started on a new adventure and has learned to be a different kind of helper, making sure that Alley in her middle age does not become too serious!

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