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February 16, 1998

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Frodo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Frodo
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Quaker Parakeet
Home: Ontario, Canada
   When he was a baby, his mother pushed too much of the nesting material from the nestbox. As a result, Frodo's feet did not develop properly. Parrots stand with 2 toes on each foot forward and 2 toes behind the perch. Frodo can't perch this way so we've adapted his cage with cotton ropes which make it life easier for him.

    He's such a clown and has had the opportunity to be a star. Frodo and I were on the Canadian show called "Life with Pets" where he was able to show everyone why Quakers are so great. They are a lot of parrot in a little package.

    Some people think that their green and grey colouring is dull but under the lights you can see almost fluorescent colours in his feathers. He enthusiastically says "Hi!" or when scared he'll say "S'okay" just to reassure you that everything is fine. As you will see in Frodo's picture even he will enthusiastically try to surf the net!

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