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February 10, 1998

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Samson, the Pet of the Day
Name: Samson
Age: One year, seven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Great Pyrenees
Home: Springfield, Ohio, USA
   Samson is special because he loves people and is a real joy to be around. Samson is a Certified Delta Dog and does Animal Assisted Activities at The Ohio State University Hospital every other Friday night at 7:30 PM. This time of the day and week are good, because there aren't a whole lot of people wandering around the Hospital at this time. Otherwise, we would never make it up to the 8th floor! We get stopped every so few feet with people wanting to know what kind of dog he is and are marveled by how big he is, and want to know why he's in the hospital. When we finally get to the floor (same floor each time), we check in at the Nurse's station. This can take a long time too, because it's kind of a therapy for them as well. We then go to as many rooms as possible to see if patients are interested in visiting with Samson. Samson will say "Hi," and get his "pets," and then be ready to move on. Because many people aren't familiar with the Great Pyrenees, I give them a little history lesson about the breed, and explain as much about him as I can. We then find out if the patient has any pets and so on. Most patients on the floor that we go to are non-ambulatory, so just the petting goes on. Occasionally some will feed him a treat. He enjoys visiting the people because of all the attention that he attracts and the people that he visits enjoy it even more.

    For more about Samson, visit his website.

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