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February 9, 1998

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Louis, the Pet of the Day
Name: Louis
Age: Four and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Iguana
Home: San Diego, California, USA
   Louis is a 4 & 1/2 year old iguana who recently re-located to sunny San Diego, California from the frigid un-reptile-friendly state of Michigan.

    Louis recently completed a series of ten shots to combat a bacterial skin infection he got when his brother Sartre (also an iguana) bit him. This makes him the bravest iguana in the world....

    In honor of his courageous act, he has been bestowed with gifts, including a large version of his favorite toy -- Chocolate the Moose, the beanie baby -- and a new jungle gym to climb on. However, we think he needs public recognition for his unwavering bravery.

Full name: Louis Merle Orr
Siblings: Jean Paul GG Sartre Allin, Tommy Pickles (iguanas),
Nietzsche (Savannah monitor), Camus (leopard gecko),
Zooey, Eesham & Ripley (box turtles) &
Mondrian (Hermann's tortoise).
Favorite food: mandarin oranges
Favorite music: Herb Alpert & Marylin Manson
Favorite activities: climbing & car rides
Favorite color: orange
Personal quote: "If you can't eat it, climb it."
Named after: Lewis Carroll -- he wanted the more regal spelling, though.
Lifetime goal: to eat a dinner of Mac & cheese with Herb Alpert in Tijuana

    We have four free-roaming iguanas at present, each with their own personality and behavioral quirks. We have found them to be as involving and interactive as dogs or cats, but without the fur (my husband is allergic). I've been keeping reptiles for 16 years, everything from turtles to a boa constrictor, and by far, iggs are my personal favorite. There is a drawback, though... they're expensive to keep. With food, vitamins, special lighting, aquariums, vet bills and "toys," they are as expensive, if not more-so than dogs. Plus, as they aren't truly "domesticated" animals they take a lot more attention than their canine and feline counter-parts. If they aren't held and played with on a daily basis, they can get mean. Overall, though, we wouldn't trade them for any other pets. They've become an integral part of our lives. We refer to them as our "kids" and actually chose our current apartment based on their desire and need for actual sunlight. We even made the decision to move to San Diego based in a large part on them.

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