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February 8, 1998

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Hoss, Mitzi, Junior, Laci, the Pets of the Day
Name: Hoss, Mitzi, Junior, Laci
Age: Three, Two, 1/2, Two years old
Gender: Male, Female, Male, Female
Kind: Boxers
Home: Missouri, USA
   T he boxers are a joy to have around....they make life much more interesting!! They are always there for you whenever you need them. When I get home from work, they are all there to greet excited to see me!! They all do a great "wiggle-butt!!" No matter how bad of a day we've had, they always find a way to put a smile on our faces. I know they would give their life for me, (or anyone in our family), if need be. Our Boxers are very spoiled!! They all 4 sleep in bed with us at night!! They are a part of our family, and will always be treated with lots of love and respect. Hoss is a lap dog. (or at least he thinks he is...all 65 pounds of him!) Mitzi is the vocal boxer at our house....her favorite spot is on the couch, watching what is going on in the household. Laci is the quieter one....but loves to play also. Junior...well....he is the best behaved puppy I have ever had!! The others are teaching him to be a "Little Stinker!"

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