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February 3, 1998

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Fierro, the Pet of the Day
Name: Fierro
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Gordon Setter
Home: Sorel, Quebec, Canada
   This is my dog Fierro. He's a Gordon Setter of 3 years old and, despite his stupid appearance, is the best hunting dog. Fearful born, don't show him a bus! Never present him a guinea pig, particularly mine, the meeting will be fatal (for the dog only).

    Submissing for the cat, he follows him until the cat slaps him. Caution: never try to take a picture of him, it's an impossible mission! This is the only picture that I took when he did not move or yawn.

    He will come to see you while you are asleep, and it's not a love proof; he just wants to take up all the room and wake you up. Despite all, this dog is a big ball of tenderness (and of stupidity of corse). It's for this that we love him!

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