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Kelly the Rhodesian Ridgeback Kelly
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Gatton, Queensland, Australia
February 01, 1998

Oreo the Dalmatian Oreo
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
February 02, 1998

Fierro the Gordon Setter Fierro
Gordon Setter
Sorel, Quebec, Canada
February 03, 1998

Gizmo the Pug Gizmo
Seattle, Washington, USA
February 04, 1998

Rascal the Shih Tzu Rascal
Shih Tzu
Jacksonville, Flordia, USA
February 05, 1998

Indy the Whippet Indy
Ontario, Canada
February 06, 1998

Gryngo Starr the Siamese Gryngo Starr
Wyoming, USA
February 07, 1998

Hoss, Mitzi, Junior, Laci the Boxers Hoss, Mitzi, Junior, Laci
Missouri, USA
February 08, 1998

Louis the Iguana Louis
San Diego, California, USA
February 09, 1998

Samson the Great Pyrenees Samson
Great Pyrenees
Springfield, Ohio, USA
February 10, 1998

Wilma the Cat Wilma
Verdun, Quebec, Canada
February 11, 1998

Copper the Golden Retriever Copper
Golden Retriever
Bronx, New York, USA
February 12, 1998

Nasdaq the Dog Nasdaq
Michigan, USA
February 13, 1998

Lucy the Dalmatian Lucy
Norristown, Pennsylvania, USA
February 14, 1998

Little the Terrier Little
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
February 15, 1998

Frodo the Quaker Parakeet Frodo
Quaker Parakeet
Ontario, Canada
February 16, 1998

Josie the Standard Poodle Josie
Standard Poodle
Anchorage, Alaska, USA
February 17, 1998

Miss Daisy the Cat Miss Daisy
Front Royal, Virginia, USA
February 18, 1998

Sasha the Havanese Sasha
Marietta, Georgia, USA
February 19, 1998

Valentine the Miniature Pinscher Valentine
Miniature Pinscher
Orlando, Florida, USA
February 20, 1998

Sam and Jewels the Dogs Sam and Jewels
Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA
February 21, 1998

Cody the Abyssinian Cody
Spring City, Pennsylvania, USA
February 22, 1998

Zippy the Jersey Wooly Rabbit Zippy
Jersey Wooly Rabbit
California, USA
February 23, 1998

Angel the Yellow Labrador Retriever Angel
Yellow Labrador Retriever
Rapid City, South Dakota, USA
February 24, 1998

Raven the Cat Raven
Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
February 25, 1998

Plume the Dog Plume
Lachute, Quebec, Canada
February 26, 1998

Bailey the Basset Hound Bailey
Basset Hound
Georgia, USA
February 27, 1998

Shaela the Yorkshire Terrier Shaela
Yorkshire Terrier
West Virginia, USA
February 28, 1998

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