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December 31, 1998

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Skitza, the Pet of the Day
Name: Skitza
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Berkshire
Home: Victoria, Australia
   Skitza is my male rat who has such a character!! He is the friendliest rat I have ever known and follows me everywhere and when I go places he sits quietly on my shoulder and loves going out into the big wide world.

    Skitza is a Berkshire rat which is known by his black and white colorings and he is one year old, which is why he is so curious and full of life. The life span of a rat is three to five years, so I guess you could say he is still very young. Skitza is special to me because of the company he gives me and because of his kind nature.

    One of Skitza's favorite activities apart from eating peas and corn, is going outside for walks on his special harness. I have trained him how to walk on the lead and he loves it!! He knows the driveway in front of our house so well, and when we come back from a walk around the block he will race up the driveway and up the stairs with me running behind!! It's funny the way some people stop and stare at me walking a rat, but I find it perfectly normal.

    When Skitza is happy he will make a chattering noise which is so cute!! Every night Skitza and his mate Wally, get a little lid full of peas and corn as their dinner, along with Soy Milk too. Rats truly are great pets, and not as dirty and horrible as people think they are!! *smiles*

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