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December 21, 1998

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Eeyore, the Pet of the Day
Name: Eeyore
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Miniature Donkey
Home: Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada
   This is Eeyore. A miniature donkey who was not abused. Not bought for a nickle or a dime - he was rather expensive! He behaves as if he were a one-of-a-kind! And he is. He lives with the llamas and plays with the dogs. His favorite game is to grab a stick or dog toy and run around the pasture with all six dogs in pursuit. They chase him, then he chases them. If I give him a broom, he'll play with it all day long, looking for someone to grab it away from him. Mariah (my mule) usually does and the tug-of-war is on.

    Visitors come to the farm and fall in love with Eeyore. All over town, people tell me that if I ever wanted to sell Eeyore (as if!) they'd just love to buy him. His favorite trick is to stick out his tongue whenever someone wants him or calls to him. I'm not sure what he's saying but he does it time and time again. He'll do it at the dogs, at the llamas, at the horses, at visitors and at me. He knows he's expensive. He knows he's wanted and desired (that's probably why he sticks out his tongue at everyone) but he's right. He is wanted, he is desired and he is very, very special.

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