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December 19, 1998

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Slinky, the Pet of the Day
Name: Slinky
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Sable Ferret
Home: Connecticut, USA
   This is one of my ferrets, Slinky. He loves attention. He and Tori love sleeping in my dresser drawers, they have the run of the house, they actually own me. *smile*

    Slinky is a ten month old sable from Connecticut. He is a very lovable ferret. He kisses my nose every morning. His favorite exercise is dragging Tori across the floor and then doing his wild war dance. He is constantly hiding my beanie babies. One neat trick he does is to stand on his hind legs begging for a treat. I taught him to come to me when he hears his squeak toy, then I give him a treat. Now he grabs the squeak toy and squeaks it himself to get another treat from me.

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