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December 16, 1998

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Elvis, the Pet of the Day
Name: Elvis
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Thoroughbred, Gelding
Home: Melbourne, Australia
   This is my dearest horse Elvis who I love to bits!!! :) Elvis is a Thoroughbred gelding whom I got for my 15th birthday in June 1998 (this year). We got him from a Training Centre where I was given different horses to try as well as Elvis and most of those horses were trained for shows and really classy. Elvis on the other hand was a little bit green and shy, and didn't know how to jump at all. It's too hard to explain but when I laid eyes on him, I just knew that he was the horse for me. It was a really bizarre feeling I will always remember. Even though the other horses were well educated, my heart was for Elvis. So a few weeks later after having him on trial, we bought him which was the first day of the some of the best days of my life.

    Over the next few months I got Elvis more educated when under saddle and also taught him how to jump too. He's loving, willing nature and determination are what helped him learn so quickly and the great thing is that he loves jumping!! He will have a go at clearing anything I point him I guess you could say he "lives to please." I haven't taken Elvis to any shows yet because I haven't gotten around to it, but I don't mind much because it gives me pleasure to just be with him in our paddocks, rather than competing. We achieve so many things together each day from jumping different obstacles to seeing how long it takes him to get to the gate each day when I call for him for his dinner! *smiles* He will do anything for his dinner and follows me around like a dog!!

    It just goes to show that a lot can come out of horses that aren't as educated as others and every horse is talented in some way. It just takes people to give them a go, exactly like I did to Elvis. I could've well gotten one of the well trained horses, but I followed my heart and bought Elvis...and that was the best decision I have ever made. The thought of visiting Elvis each day makes me so happy, even when I am down and blue. He is my light when all else is dark. From what he used to be, Elvis is a real star now and he's great loving nature is what helped him get through to the new horse he is today. This is the least I can do to repay Elvis for how much he has changed my him becoming the Pet of the having 24hrs of fame. *proud smile*

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