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December 9, 1998

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Julius Caesar, the Pet of the Day
Name: Julius Caesar
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Yorkshire Pig
Home: Maricopa, Arizona, USA
   This is Julius Caesar. He is a seven month old Yorkshire pig. He was named Julius because he had a brother named Augustus Caesar (I wanted to keep it in the family). I had Julius since he was two weeks old. He was very afraid of people when he came to live with me and my other two pigs, Killian's Red (a 500 pound Red Duroc hog) and a mini potbelly named "Bell Star." Now, he is very friendly, calm and extremely smart. He has learned how to sit and fetch for a treat! He has also learned how to climb the front porch stairs, open the screen door and tramples through the house as if he owns it. He usually sniff's around the house, until he realizes there isn't anything to eat on the floor, and then he pushes the screen door opened and goes back outside. Sometimes he will lay down on his bean bag and go to sleep. He is playful. He loves to run in circles to catch a plastic bag so he can drag it around the yard by his mouth. I guess he likes the noise.

    I've had several pigs, and Julius is by far the smartest and calmest pig I've ever had. He does stay outside most of the time. He likes being with the other two pigs. I'm not sure how big he will get, due to the fact that he is very small for his age (months). He should be 500 pounds to 600 pounds when full grown. (That sounds a lot bigger than it really is).

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