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December 8, 1998

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Woodie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Woodie
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Cockatiel
Home: Springfield, Missouri, USA
   Woodie is our pet cockatiel, age unknown, because I bought her at a garage sale on my birthday. I went up to this metal cage & the sign said "Bird & Cage $15.00." I looked at the sign & thought to myself, "Bird?" I lifted the sign and peeked at Woodie and Woodie immediately "wolf whistled" at me. I knew it was a done deal at that point. The lady who sold her to me told me that Woodie was a male, less than a year old, but after reading several books on the subject, Woodie is really a female and is over two years old.

    Woodie loves me very much, and wolf whistles at me all the time. When I walk in the room she starts shrieking at me and the farther away I get from her, the louder she gets. She likes my husband and son, but if I walk in the room, she sees me immediately and starts getting excited and wants me to pick her up. If I ignore her, she will fly to me. She wants to be with me constantly. She does have a game she plays. When she doesn't like what is going on, she will fly off into the kitchen & get up on the top of the cabinets, where she will "hide". She will sit on the edge, and when we go to get her down, she will back up and get down where you can't see anything but her top knot. When you quit trying to get her down, she will climb back onto the edge.

    I've just discovered recently that she likes beer. She will watch the beer can and try to get close to it so she can have a drink. She also like to pick my teeth and preen my hair, and loves being on my shoulder. Guess who is helping me write this nomination?? You know it. I have to watch her because she wants my ear rings and as soon as I jerk away and yell at her, she wolf whistles. Who can be mad at that?

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