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December 6, 1998

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Callie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Callie
Age: Two Years Old
Gender: Male
Kind: Grey Cockatiel
Home: Maryland, USA
   Callie became my study buddy not quite a year ago. I had wanted a cockatiel and had looked at many, but I had not been able to decide which one to get. When I walked into the store and saw Callie, though, my decision was made for me. Even though he is just a normal grey, he was the prettiest tiel I had ever seen and had a great personality, too. Because of this, he got stuck with the name Callie, which literally means "pretty" in Greek.

    Callie was pretty wild when I got him; he was ten months old and had never really been handled by people. Before long, though, he had me trained to take him out of his "house," to put him on my shoulder and to scratch his neck and head. He loves to "help" me while I work on the computer and read. He also loves to sing and listen to music, and he has learned to whistle "Charge!," a bit from "Peter and the Wolf" and a few other short things that he forgets on a regular basis. I did not think he would ever talk since he so old and wild when I got him, but he surprised me and learned to say several things, including such a pretty bird, hi, and love you. When he thinks that I cannot hear him, he practices new phrases and songs.

    Aside from talking and singing, Callie loves to climb on his cage and gym and play with toys. As you can see in the picture, he often holds his toys in his foot when he plays with them, just like the big parrots! And, like his person, he is left-"handed." For Callie, playing means destroying; I think he destroys his playthings just to watch me do the clean-up trick he trained me to do. In spite of his destructive tendencies, Callie is a very good bird. He may not be the prettiest, smartest, or funniest bird, nor the best talker, but he is the perfect bird for me!

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