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December 2, 1998

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Butch and Rose, the Pet of the Day
Name: Butch, Rose
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male, Female
Kind: Peachfaced Lovebirds
Home: Illinois, USA
   These are Butch and Rose, my lovebirds. I couldn't just submit one because the other might be sad if I did so. What makes my lovebirds special is they are avant garde artists, they make things out of newspaper that you would never imagine could be done. Sometimes it looks as if they are actually reading it to each other. People say they can't read, but they are very intelligent birds and I'm not sure I would put it past them. They can open the doors to their cage without any assistance from a human. They may not be that much different from most lovebirds but they are lots of fun to have around and very cute.

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