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August 30, 1998

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Zoe and Bobo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Zoe, Bobo
Age: Seven, Nine years old
Gender: Female, Male
Kind: Corgi, Miniature Poodle
Home: San Francisco, California, USA
   The mantra in our household is that "Zoe is perfect and BoBo is foolish." Here's the story: We got Zoe when she was a puppy. She got off to a rocky start, because it turned out that she'd swallowed a nickel and a quarter that had lodged in her intestines and made her feel very sick and tired. One surgery and $1,600 dollars later, we had a healthy little girl, but one who seemed kind of torporous. So, when she was a year old, we got BoBo through a poodle rescue organization, so that Zoe would have a companion. BoBo was about three years old and had spent his entire life in a box, in a living room, along with about twelve other poodles in boxes. He was a very mentally damaged little dog. He also had had his vocal cords cut and was not housebroken.

    BoBo is a miniature poodle, although he is quite large for a miniature. The dogs are exactly the same length from nose to tail (or, in Zoe's case, lack of tail), but while Zoe is short and sturdy, BoBo is tall and delicate.

    We've had BoBo six years now, and he's turned into a very loving (if somewhat clingy), totally housebroken dog. He and Zoe tolerated each other for many years, but considered the humans the really important people in the house. Every evening saw Zoe on my husband's lap and BoBo nestled on mine. However, since our baby was born, and we don't have quite as much time for them, Zoe and BoBo have turned to each other for comfort. They now play together frequently and lie around next to each other soaking up the sun.

    The dogs have also been wonderfully tolerant of and gentle with our baby. When I nurse the baby, BoBo invariably curls up on the couch right next to us, while Zoe enjoys sitting next to the baby and being petted by her. In fact, now that the baby is beginning to eat Cheerios, the dogs are getting really attached to her!

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