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August 29, 1998

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Sissy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sissy
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Maine Coon Cat
Home: Dallas, Texas, USA
   Sissy is the most special cat I've ever known or owned (okay - she owns me!). She is a sweetheart! She never has a bad temper - no hissing, fussing ever! Sissy gets really playful and loves to get her tummy rubbed. She likes catnip, eating, sleeping, being petted, sleeping, bathing herself, and sleeping. OH and she LOVES any human food - except marshmallows and grapes!

    Sissy is a silver-blue Maine Coon around seven years old. She's very soft and sooooo loving. I get such a happy and content feeling when she sits in my lap and purrs and purrs. Very relaxing after a stressful day.

    For more about Sissy, visit her website.

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