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August 17, 1998

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Katie Louise, the Pet of the Day
Name: Katie Louise
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Mountain Pleasure Horse
Home: Pennsylvania, USA
   When I was three years old I wanted a palomino horse. I did get a horse 30 years later, but still not the palomino. Fifteen years after that, I went to Kentucky to look at a breed, the Mountain Pleasure Horse, that I heard was very gentle. The Mountain Horse had been raised in the mountains of Kentucky for 160 years but was never a registered breed until 1989 when the proud Kentuckians wanted to preserve this breed. I saw this beautiful golden yearling filly with a flowing white mane running through a field and knew this was the horse I had waited 45 years for. She is 15 hands high.

    Katie is a wonderful horse and my good friend. She has a very gentle way about her. She loves people and runs to the fence to greet everyone. If I am in the horse field, she is right beside me. About a month ago, I put her in the back yard to graze for a while - it is not fenced in but she never goes anywhere, just eats the better grass. My daughter says, "Hey Mom, your horse is looking for you." Katie was looking in the french doors from the deck. She climbed two steps up on the deck and was looking in the window. What a howl she is.

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