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August 14, 1998

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Puppy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Puppy
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: American domestic Tabby
Home: Greenwich, Connecticut, USA
   Let me tell you about Puppy. I found her six years ago on the street just about to cross a heavily travelled road. She was a little thing so I feared for her life. I called to her and she turned and ran to me so I picked her up. That was the start of the love affair. At the time my landlord would not allow pets so I had to sneek her in at night and let her out during the day. At night she would sleep on my pillow with me. When I would return from work in the evening I would call and whistle for her and I would watch her run down the sidewalk to me obviously happy to see me. I taught her to fetch bottle caps. I would throw them and she would run and pick them up and, well we never perfected it. One terrible night I was calling her to come in but no Puppy. Then I heard her in the next yard. She was laying in a pile of leaves and she wouldn't get up. I picked her up and her left leg hung limp. I got her in the house and she couldn't walk that well. I rushed to the emergency room where they told me she had a dislocated knee and fractured leg. The next day the vet called me and said she can either have surgery or put her down.

    Well the second option wasn't a choice, so I told them to perform the surgery. Fifteen-hundred dollars later I took her home and watched her recover slowly but surely. In a short amount of time she was getting around fine. Puppy was back to playing, but not fetching too much. But that was six years ago. Till this day she doesn't go out and she still sleeps in the bed with me or on the couch. Oh by the way did I mention Puppy is a cat.

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